Nakakita Electric - an advancing company

Our company always understands the development and moves In the technologies of electric equipment in an accurate manner. As one of advancing domestic manufacturers, We endeavor, without any delays, to implement research and development activities, To satisfy diverse demands of customers, And to improve the safeness and quality of our products

Business purposes

  • 1

    Manufacturing, processing and sales of electric products

  • 2

    Manufacturing, processing, sales and contracting of materials, tools, and devices for wires for lights, electric power and electric railroads

  • 3

    Designing, construction and contracting of electric constructions

  • 4

    Designing, construction and contracting of equipment for plumbing, hygiene, and air conditioning

  • 5

    Collection and transportation of industrial / domestic wastes, and contracting for waste disposal

  • 6

    All other businesses that are related to the above mentioned jobs

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