An infrastructure company that contributes to society even in the midst of COVID-19

We are rooted in the local community and have grown our business through infrastructure. We are a company that continues to contribute to society even during disasters and infectious diseases. We have many offices in the metropolitan area and other areas, so you can choose where you want to work. We are looking for people to work with us in various locations.

In order to accurately
meet the changes
of the next generation

Our company considers personnel development as the most important matter.
In staff education, which we consider as the principle of the development, we provide our staff with opportunities to learn the basics from different angles and gain more practical knowledge and skills. Moreover, we promote skill development by sending staff to various exhibitions and lectures, as well as self-enrichment activities by voluntary participation of each staff.

Our education / training systems
that accomplish a staff-first policy

We hold training sessions for staff with different amounts of experience and level based on programs designed with a long term plan.

Substantial benefits
and welfare facilities

We believe that providing employees with a comfortable working environment can motivate them to “willingly submit better work”. Therefore, Our company strives to provide substantial benefits and welfare systems.


Currently, no jobs are available
for those in their mid-career employment.
Thank you.

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