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Policy on the protection of personal information

This website is designed to introduce the business details, etc. of Nakakitadenki Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called "Our Company").

Policy on the protection of personal information

Our Company endeavors to protect personal information by designating a protection policy of personal information as the following, creating a systematic way of the protection and thoroughly educating all employees on the importantance of personal information protection and what efforts are required.

Management of personal information

Our Company maintains customers' personal information in a precise and up-to-date manner, taking necessary measures for the management of security systems, arrangement of an administrative structure, in-depth education for employees and manage personal information in a very strict way with protection measures so that we can prevent illegal accesses, loss, corruption, falsification and divulging of personal information.

Purpose for the use of personal information

This website may require our customers to register their personal information including their name, email address, phone number, etc.. Such information will never be used for other purposes than those indicated at the time of the provision of personal information.
The personal information that Our Company obtains from our customers is used for sending email and information materials including contacting from Our Company, sending business information and responding to inquiries.

Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties

Our Company protects personal information of our customers in an adequate manner, and does not disclose such information in any cases except the following.

A case where a customer agrees to do so, or

A case where the information needs to be disclosed to our contractors in order to provide services requested by the customer, or

A case where such a disclosure is required according to laws.

Safety Countermeasure for
Personal Information Protection

Our Company shall take all necessary safety countermeasures in order to maintain the accuracy and safeness of personal information.

Confirmation of Identification of customers

If our customers desire to refer, correct or delete their own personal information, Our Company shall respond their request duly after confirming the customer's identification

Compliance to Laws and Regulations and
Revision of Our Privacy Policy

Our Company shall comply with the Japanese laws, regulations and bylaws applicable to personal information in our possession, and shall revise and/or improve the contents of our Privacy Policy as may be necessary.

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